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Just Look at ShopTimão's Results: +63% Revenue, -52% CPC!

ShopTimão is a Brazilian sportswear retailer focused on offering the best possible shopping experience, be it online or in one of their many brick-and-mortar locations. They are a major seller of sports products for Brazil’s Corinthians Sports Club (football).


the challenge

ShopTimão wanted to continue growing their e-commerce presence, increasing both their revenue and ROI. In order to meet these goals, they had several milestones they needed to hit along the way. 

  • They needed more insight into the performance of their products
  • They needed a way to create their promotional campaigns faster (and manage them more easily)
  • They needed a way to connect their data sources to make their data more actionable

To meet these goals, ShopTimão began working with ROI Hunter.

the solution

ROI Hunter addressed each of ShopTimão’s milestones in order to lead them toward their end goal:

More performance insight and more actionable data

ROI Hunter connected ShopTimão with Product Insights. The Product Insights feature integrates product-level data from across channels, and integrates it with the ROI Hunter platform, forming a single source of truth. 

Product Insights can then be used to filter through the integrated data for just about any metric you can imagine, making it simple to create highly specific product sets optimised toward particular goals.

Using this, ShopTimão created a product set of their best-selling products across all their channels. By using this product set for their dynamic ads, ShopTimão ensured that all their best-selling products would receive promotion. Product Insights also updates the product sets in real-time based on channel data, so ShopTimão didn’t have to worry about monitoring the best-sellers.

ShopTimão also leveraged their new insight by using the Refine Audience feature, which gave them greater control over their retargeting by adding criteria for which users would be retargeted and which would be excluded. Using Refine Audience, ShopTimão excluded buyers who had spent less than R$30 on previous purchases, saving their budget for users with greater potential to convert. 

Faster and more manageable promotional campaigns

Now ShopTimão had more insight into their performance as well as connected data, but what about the look of the campaigns themselves? It was time to apply ROI Hunter’s Template Editor. The Template Editor makes it possible to create and scale creatives for dynamic campaigns in minutes, all without needing a graphic designer. 

By using templates for their ads, ShopTimão was also able to automate various stamps and badges to their campaigns, signalling  if a product was a top-seller, had free shipping, etc. Beyond these triggerable events, the Template Editor made ShopTimão’s campaign creation faster, easier, and more scalable.

the results

With the combination of integrated data, greater insight into their product performance, goal-based product sets built with those performance insights, and the ability to quickly create, scale, and add triggers to creatives, ShopTimão started seeing substantial results. With only a 21% increase in spend, the number of transactions skyrocketed up 186%, and revenue increased by 63% alongside. Beyond that, the cost per click (CPC) dropped by 52% as well!

kawe pugliese
Kawe Pugliese, Digital Marketing Analyst

ROI Hunter has contributed a lot to the optimization of our Facebook and Instagram marketing campaigns, with different solutions that makes them more practical and intuitive. The strategies for creating customized SKU lists based on G.A or Face, have given us a big difference in performance, the practical editing of the catalog templates gave another face to our store and the Refine Audience function helped to filter better our audiences. No doubt, the support of our account strategist has made a total difference in the daily optimization process.

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