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Imaginarium has more than doubled their dynamic campaign ROI

Imaginarium is a highly popular company in Brazil with a focus on fun and creative gifts. Originally started as a family project, the demand for the Imaginarium’s unique style led to their first official store opening in 1991. By 1995, that one store had become 15. 

Today, Imaginarium boasts 192 physical stores in addition to their e-commerce presence and international office.

Increase in revenue
Increase in conversion rate
Higher return on ad spend

The Challenge

During COVID-19, Imaginarium faced an issue common to many retailers at the time: maintaining revenue despite having to partially close their offline stores.

Imaginarium chose to lean into their digital marketing efforts to increase the overall ROI they were getting, and maximise their online revenue stream.

In order to accomplish these goals, they needed to make their dynamic promotions more data-driven, and scale the production of their branded dynamic product ads.

The Solution

Product Insights

First, ROI Hunter connected Imaginarium with the Product Insights feature. Product Insights gathers product-level data from across a retailer’s channels, integrating it with the retailer’s catalog within ROI Hunter to form one main data hub for campaign planning and analysis.

With this granular product-level data, Imaginarium was able to filter their catalog by whatever metric they wanted to focus on (return on ad spend, margin, popularity), and create highly specific product sets optimised toward a defined goal (e.g. a set of all high margin products to optimise toward profitability).

With these distinct product sets, Imaginarium gained insight into and control of how their dynamic budget was being spent. Rather than relying on one overall dynamic campaign to choose what would be promoted, Imaginarium now had multiple specific campaigns built to promote only the ideal products for their set goals. 


The Template Editor

Now that Imaginarium had control over the products that would receive impressions, they were ready to build the actual promotions at scale. Enter ROI Hunter’s Template Editor (TEDI). The Photoshop-style TEDI makes it simple to create beautifully branded dynamic promotions without needing to rely on a graphic designer. 

Once you’ve created a template you like (or have chosen from one of ROI Hunter’s pre-built templates), you can immediately scale it across your promotions with just a few clicks.

TEDI is also connected to the same central hub of data, which makes it easy to add IF/THEN conditions into the promotions to trigger automatic badges when those conditions are met. 


The Campaigns

With their new wealth of data, and the increased accessibility of scaling their dynamic promotions, Imaginarium was ready to act. The new product set they chose to test against their previous campaigns was made up of their best-selling products per data from Google Analytics.

Using the conditions from TEDI, Imaginarium was able to automate product badges for their products. These badges included a SALE badge that triggered whenever there was a sale price lower than the standard price, and an EXCLUSIVE badge that triggered for any products under the official Imaginarium brand.


The Results

Imaginarium’s newly branded and optimised promotions showed a significant improvement over their previous dynamic campaigns. Not only did this campaign cost 25% less, it brought in 61% more revenue!

The precisely targeted and newly designed promotion had a 72% higher conversion rate than before, and their overall ROI increased by 115%.

Paloma Assef
Paloma Assef, Digital Media Consultant for Imaginarium

ROI Hunter is the best solution to achieve really qualified performance on Facebook. TEDI’s customized resources help us to draw user attention, lower traffic cost, and get amazing performance growth. Moreover, ROI Hunter provides unique product insights, allowing us to get even better revenue promoting our creative gifts. 

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