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E-commerce Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

How KSA's Largest Retailer Increased Revenue By 64% With Product Insights

Jarir is the largest retailer in Saudi Arabia, with products including consumer electronics, children’s toys, office and school supplies, and more. The company has expanded to over 50 locations throughout the Middle East, with headquarters in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.



Jarir wanted to create automated, data-driven prospecting campaigns that would always promote the right selection of the products out of the thousands of products they have in the online store.

To accomplish this, they needed an effective way to discover which of their thousands of products had the best conversion potential.



First, Jarir used ROI Hunter’s Product Insights feature to combine product-level performance data from Facebook and Google Analytics. This data was connected to each individual SKU in Jarir’s catalog.

Using this new, more granular data, Jarir was able to create automatic classification of data-driven segments based on individual product performance in just a few clicks. The main three segments tested were:

  1. Best-sellers (per Google Analytics)
  2. Products with the highest CTR on Facebook
  3. Entire catalog (control group)

The segments, once created, were automatically updated as per the selection of the insights.

Each segment was shown to a different set of similar customers (same demographic and targeting) through dynamic ads on Facebook.



The top performing segment was the best-sellers from Google Analytics , which resulted in 15% more conversions, 19% lower cost per purchase (CPP), and 64% higher revenue and even noticed 17% higher average order value (AOV) from the winning segment.

This approach will now be used for future prospecting campaigns. Using ROI Hunter’s Product Insights feature, Jarir’s best-sellers will be regularly updated automatically, based on product performance. This ensures that every campaign a customer sees will showcase the products with the best conversion potential, without any manual intervention from Jarir’s team.


Nora Nasser, Digital Marketing Manager

“Our goal from Facebook ads was to scale the new user base, setting up effective always on prospecting campaigns with the right product selection to the audiences which contributes to the higher revenue and ROI Hunter helped us with the product selection with dynamic product level insights which is otherwise a tedious, manual and not so time-efficient task. As a result of our AB Testing, our winning prospecting segment had 64% higher Revenue, 15% More Purchases, 19% lower Cost Per Purchase, when compared to the campaigns promoting the entire catalog.”

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