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How Fitmart Increased ROI by 28%, and Lowered CPT by 33%

Fitmart is a German fitness brand. Fitmart’s e-commerce site offers nutritional supplements alongside innovative products primarily for professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and health oriented individuals.

Increase in ROI
Lower Cost Per Transaction


Fitmart wanted to increase their profitability, as well as their sales numbers through Facebook and Instagram. They were also interested in raising brand awareness across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.



ROI Hunter started off the partnership with Fitmart by synchronising the software with their data from Google Analytics. ROI Hunter’s software was then able to scrape, organize, and display additional product-level data, for every product. 

With the Google Analytics data integrated, Fitmart was able to compare it against the data from Facebook, and use insights from Google Analytics insights to inform their Facebook campaigns. Using the product-level data, ROI Hunter helped Fitmart to generate a report revealing which products were being promoted the most on Facebook, alongside the products that actually brought in sales.

Based on this report Fitmart began creating extremely relevant product sets, including a set entirely made up of high-performing products, and one for products with high sales and low levels of promotion.

Also, Fitmart used ROI Hunter’s Template Editor (TEDI) to design more interesting and eye-catching creatives.



The new product sets, in conjunction with the newly designed dynamic templates, led to promising results. Now that they knew which products were being overpromoted in relation to their number of sales, Fitmart could cut those promotions down, lowering cost per transaction by 33%. By increasing promotions for items with particularly high sales, Fitmart increased ROI by 28%. 

The tools used to accomplish this included ROI Hunter’s template editor, as well as our Product-Level Google Analytics Report.


cindy wieghardt
Cindy Wieghardt - Online Marketing Manager

“ROI Hunter has enabled us to link our Facebook product catalog with Google Analytics. Thanks to these insights, we have seen significant improvements in the performance of our dynamic ads based on Google Analytics data. Another benefit is the Template Editor tool which allows us to customize the look of our dynamic ads.”

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