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How FARM Rio Quadrupled Their Meta Revenue While Doubling Their Spend

FARM Rio began in 1997 as a small booth in an independent market. The fashion brand now includes over 100 stores across Brazil, as well as international locations in the United States and Europe. FARM’s innovative and colorful clothing design pulls inspiration from the natural flora and fauna of Brazil. 

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The challenge

FARM Rio first began working with ROI Hunter in October 2022 to improve the performance of their Meta and Google ads. FARM’s Paid Social Media team was looking for a new solution to help the company keep performance optimal while scaling their ad spend on Meta.

This is the story of how FARM Rio managed to scale their Meta spend by 2x while quadrupling their revenue, and greatly improving their return on ad spend (ROAS).

YEAR 1 with ROI Hunter


FARM Rio began the cooperation by using ROI Hunter’s platform to take control of which of their products were being promoted, rather than leaving Meta’s algorithm to select products from all the SKUs in their inventory. 

FARM created a segment of the products producing the most revenue of all their products (top 20%), and began focusing their dynamic Meta budget on these Bestsellers.


Just 1 month later (November 2022), FARM Rio was spending 50% of their Meta budget on the Bestseller products, and they were generating 86% of FARM’s total revenue from Meta dynamic ads.

RESULTS YEAR 1 (October 2022 - October 2023)

In their first year with ROI Hunter, Farm Rio achieved impressive growth with Meta using the Bestseller strategy. By October of 2023, they had scaled their Meta spend by 110%, while keeping their ROAS steady, and increasing revenue on the channel by a full 300%, year-over-year (YoY).

At this point the revenue growth was slowing down, so FARM Rio and ROI Hunter started strategising about how to optimise the Bestseller segment even further, using a newly upgraded feature of Product Insights that allowed for more specification.

ad_spend_YoY_+100%; revenue_YoY_+300%


YEAR 2 with ROI Hunter


Farm Rio and ROI Hunter analysed  their performance from the past year using the Performance Breakdown chart in Product Insights.

They found that the Bestsellers with a ROAS above 2 were generating 75% of all revenue for the segment.

Snímek obrazovky 2024-06-27 v 12.10.21

Based on this finding, they redefined their Bestseller Meta strategy and added product ROAS as a secondary metric.

This smaller segment of products had an average ROAS of 4.

Farm Rio focused the majority of their spend on this newly optimised segment of Bestsellers, starting during the high season (November 2023) and continuing through the following months.

RESULTS YEAR 2 (November 2023 - May 2024)

The results of this new, more focused product strategy were staggering. Comparing YoY results from November-May 2022/2023 to November-May 2023/2024, Farm Rio:

  • Scaled their Meta Dynamic Ad spend by 92%
  • Increased ROAS by 150% across all their Meta Dynamic Ads
  • Increased revenue by 377% across all their Meta Dynamic Ads


Following the implementation of this new strategy, Meta became the leading dynamic ads channel for Farm Rio, with more ad spend going toward Meta (purple line) than Google Performance Max (blue line) in the period of August 2023 - May 2024.

Meta vs PMax improvements _ august_2023-may_2024

Meta vs PMax improvements

Beyond the incredible success on Meta, FARM Rio also greatly improved their revenue and ROAS with Google Performance Max using a similar strategy. The campaigns are still ongoing, and the results continue to improve.

WhatsApp Image 2024-06-19 at 12.05.52
José Eduardo Carqueija da Silva - Senior Media Analyst at FARM Rio

"ROI Hunter played a critical role in effectively optimizing our campaign management and delivering significant results, particularly over the past year with the new platform and filters.


Their optimizations streamlined operations, ultimately contributing to the incredible results we achieved."

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