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How Boutiqaat fueled up their campaign strategy with product performance insights

Boutiqaat is the largest social e-commerce luxury fashion and beauty brand platform in the Middle East, selling over 25,000 beauty & fashion products from more than 700 international brands through their website and mobile apps. 

The company was founded to enable social media influencers and celebrities from the Arab region to recommend and sell products in virtual storefronts.

days for results

The challenge

Boutiqaat wanted to adopt Facebook dynamic ads to reach more beauty shoppers and encourage purchases to increase online sales using the 'always on' prospecting campaign strategy. 

However, it was difficult for Boutiqaat to identify the right products from their catalogue of over 25,000 items, specifically for driving new prospects from broad targeted audiences.

The Solution

ROI Hunter set Boutiqaat up with Product Insights, a tool which gathers product-level performance data from across multiple channels (Google Analytics, Google Shopping, Google Merchant Center, Meta, etc.) and integrates it, along with their inventory, into the ROI Hunter Product Performance Management (PPM) platform.

With product-level performance data from across their channels, Boutiqaat was able to filter their product inventory to find items in their top 10% of revenue in the previous 30 days, which they then added to a new bestsellers product set.

Once the bestsellers product set was created, ROI Hunter tested it against Boutiqaat’s original ‘All products’ product set of over 25,000 items. 

The Results

It was clear that creating a bestsellers product set was a win for Boutiqaat.

The new bestsellers product set led to:

  • +21% higher return on ad spend (ROAS) 
  • -21% lower cost per acquisition (CPA)
  • Results showed up in just 8 days

Additionally, Boutiqaat was so impressed that they chose to replicate the bestsellers product set strategy in other territories. The company also decided to explore more product set opportunities using ROI Hunter Product Insights, such as ‘Hidden Gems’, ‘New Arrivals’, and ‘Trending Products'.

Alaa Alshrbaji, Senior Manager – Digital Marketing Boutiqaat

"While Facebook's powerful dynamic ads enabled us to automate the advertising at a scale, ROI Hunter further empowered the feeds with the added efficiencies of actionable insights and helped us share strong product-level signals with the algorithm. This unique capability delivered more efficiency in our performance marketing. Our plan is to explore more strategies in a combination of both dynamic ads + product insights to replicate the success to our app platform and other territories of the business."

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