2x INCREase in roi for dpa
2x increase in ctr
55% increase in roi from google analytics
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HipVan - Boost ROI with Dynamic Product Ads

HipVan is an online furniture brand that manufactures and sells quality, yet affordable furniture and accessories online. Although HipVan was founded in Singapore, it is currently possible to shop from the USA and Malaysia as well. 


Hipvan already had success some success with Facebook advertising but were unable to see an improvement in their ROI. They came to us because we had success with improving ROI with other clients. They also knew that remarketing and (dynamic product ads)DPA ads were a key to success if they wanted to scale their Facebook campaigns. 



After our team analyzed their needs and the structure of their campaigns, we decided to create a unified view of Facebook and Google analytics in one dashboard. The purpose of this was to see provide a consistent overview of how their ads were performing across several parameters.

We then set about defining their DPA campaigns by segmenting their product sets into different categories. When creating a DPA campaign, it is important that relevant products are shown to prospective consumers at different stages in the funnel. By segmenting their product sets, we were able to control the types of products that were served based on interests and pages they visited. This would help to increase the likelihood of a customer clicking to purchase a product than if a random product had been shown instead. The segments we chose were based on the category of the product as well as best sellers. We also set up their feed with Google Sheets and enhanced the product images with our in-app template editor.

In order to propel consumers further into the sales funnel, we targeted those who abandoned their cart or viewed products but did not purchase. The furniture sold on HipVan are mid-level consideration items which informed our decision to set retention days of 1 and 7.

hipvan-solution.png HipVan Dynamic Product Ads


As a result of the campaign, we were able to move an overall ROI of 8 to 25 based on Facebook’s default attribution from DPA alone. We also doubled their CTR and saw a 55% improvement in ROI from GA.

Our involvement in HipVan’s Facebook advertising strategy has helped them to remarket effectively. This is because DPA is dynamic and reactive in real time but also because of smart targeting and breakdown of the product sets.


"ROI Hunter's platform makes any digital marketer’s life much easier - from the ease of creating ads to the convenience of being able to analyse numbers from both GA & FB. We love that they are always keeping us updated with the latest features from FB for us to try out and our account manager was very prompt in helping us out with any issues we faced. Her monthly updates are useful & she’s always giving us great recommendations to help improve our performance!"

Sheryl Woon Digital Marketing Marketer

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