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Here's how Shoestock increased transactions, revenue, and ROI

Shoestock is a popular Brazilian brand of footwear for men and women, as well as a retailer of items like bags, belts, and wallets. In 2017 Shoestock began a new phase in their journey, joining Brazil’s Netshoes Group. 

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Shoestock began focusing on improving their e-commerce presence to increase their online results. 


The Challenge

Shoestock wanted to increase their e-commerce revenue and achieve a greater overall ROI; they began working with ROI Hunter to ramp up the online side of their business. After reviewing the site, ROI Hunter and Shoestock decided on three milestones to accomplish that would lead them to the results they were after:

  • More insight into product performance
  • A way to use business data strategically
  • The ability to use conditions to trigger badges/seals on promotions 

The Solution

To start, ROI Hunter set Shoestock up with the Product Insights feature in order to get the data they needed. Product Insights gathers product-level data from across a retailer’s channels (Google Shopping,  Facebook, Google Analytics, custom sources), and combines that data with the retailer’s feed to create a single source of truth. 

With their data streams connected, and product-level data added, Shoestock was next able to filter their catalog by highly specific metrics, creating product sets that were optimised for their exact goals. They decided to try a product set made up of their top best-selling items per Google Analytics. But that wasn’t all.

Shoestock also enhanced their new campaign by using ROI Hunter’s Template Editor (TEDI). TEDI makes it fast and simple for anyone to create a beautiful dynamic ad without needing help from a graphic designer. Using a custom source, Shoestock was also able to connect additional business data to inform special offers and combo deals (2 for 1 offers, seasonal specials, app exclusives, etc.).

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Using this business data, Shoestock was able to add IF/THEN conditions, prompting badges with messages like “Free Shipping,” “SALE,” and more to appear whenever a product met their set requirements.

The Results

The bestseller strategy, combined with the new look and actions of Shoestock’s TEDI-built promotions, brought significant uplifts to key metrics. Transactions jumped 36% higher, with revenue following close behind with a 35% increase. Finally, the ROI of their campaigns gained more traction as well, rising by 30%. In terms of Shoestock achieving their goals with ROI Hunter, the shoe definitely fits.

Juliana Cristina dos SantosSenior, Marketing Analyst at Shoestock

“Since we started working with Roi Hunter, we've discovered many optimization possibilities that weren't possible just with Facebook. The combination of the catalog with Google Analytics was essential to make a successful campaign, allowing us to identify the best-selling products in a given period, providing greater exposure in the ads. Also, gave us the possibility to apply custom templates, unifying two strategies in a single campaign. Since then, in all the brands of the Netshoes Group, Roi Hunter has been present, with innovative templates, customized strategies for each campaign objective, tests, new products and analysis panels, being part of the daily lives of all analysts. Our CSM was fundamental in this evolution process, always bringing new solutions, ideas and proposals according to the needs of each brand. I hope to continue with the partnership for a long time.”

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