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Forever Unique just tripled conversions in one month

Forever Unique is a popular UK fashion brand for women with a focus on affordable luxury products. They work with the agency Digital Media Team (DMT) for their marketing campaigns, and DMT is in turn partnered with Product Marketing Platform, ROI Hunter.

1 Month
Increase in Revenue
Increase in conversions

The Challenge

Forever Unique wanted to increase their revenue and their conversion rates, and spoke with DMT about the best way to accomplish this.  DMT saw this as a perfect opportunity to introduce them to long-time partner ROI Hunter, and their Smart Shopping solutions. 

The Solution

ROI Hunter first set Forever Unique up with the Product Insights feature. Product Insights gathers product-level data from across a customer’s channels, and integrates it with their feed.

With this new data, Forever Unique was able to sort their catalog by highly specific attributes, and create a dynamic product group of their overall best-selling products. This group could even update itself dynamically based on set criteria, ensuring it was always current.

The Results

Forever Unique began running a new Google Shopping campaign with the best-seller group, and the improvement was immediately clear. Compared to the All Products campaigns from before, revenue more than doubled. Conversions more than tripled. And it only took one month.

Lauren Kelley
Lauren Kelley, PPC Manager at DMT

DMT work with multiple fashion brands so we know how fast-paced the industry is. We need to implement smart solutions to serve the most relevant products to the most applicable audience - and we need this information fast. 


ROI Hunter has enabled us to do exactly that by adding an extra layer of automation to our smart shopping campaigns. The increase in conversions for Forever Unique enabled us to scale the account efficiently and achieve huge revenue growth on Google’s Shopping platform.

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