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Flannels' data-driven campaign just increased ROAS by 107%

Flannels is a luxury fashion brand under the umbrella of the Frasers Group. The first Flannels store appeared in 1976, and the label now includes 37 locations across the UK, in addition to a strong e-commerce presence.

Flannels is a key player in the contemporary fashion retail scene, with runway collections, streetwear drops, and a portfolio full of top luxury designers.

Increase in click-through rate
Increase in conversion rate
Increase in ROAS

The Challenge

Flannels wanted to scale their dynamic campaigns. As a luxury retailer, it was important to them to ensure that, while scaling, the look of every promotion would maintain the same sense of grandeur.

Beyond that, as a brand with a wide range of margins, Flannels needed a way to easily exclude products from campaigns where they wouldn’t add value.

Finally, while Flannels was already separating their promotions by category and gender, they wanted their campaigns to become more granularly data-driven. But how could Flannels use their first-party data to be sure which products would add the most value, and on which channel?

The Solution

In order to scale the Flannels campaigns while keeping the branding consistent, in addition to excluding non-performing products and incorporating their first-party data, ROI Hunter introduced them to the full power of the Product Performance Management (PPM) platform

Product Insights

With ROI Hunter’s help, Flannels began transforming their marketing into a more strongly data-driven operation.

The first step was to connect Flannels to ROI Hunter’s Product Insight’s feature. Product Insights gathers product-level data from across your channels, integrating this data with your feed within ROI Hunter to form a single source of truth. 

Beyond the benefits of using this granular product-level data, just having all channel data integrated in one spot made it far easier for Flannels to find patterns and trends across their catalog.

With this single source of connected data, Flannels was able to filter their catalog based on any metric they could conceive of (product profitability, product potential, product margin, etc.). From there, they were able to create product sets optimised for specific goals (e.g., find all the high margin items to create a product set for increasing profitability).

Flannels put together three product sets to test against their previous campaigns: 

Best-sellers: the top 10% of products in terms of Google Analytics revenue or transactions

New products: newly available products on the site 

Hidden Gems: products with a low number of impressions on Facebook, but a high number of transactions per Google Analytics

These product sets were then layered over the catalog that had already been segmented by gender and category, and ready to be launched as data-driven prospecting campaigns. 


The Template Editor


Not so fast! The new campaigns were now built on strategic data, but Flannels still needed a way to scale them sustainably while preserving the essence of the brand.

To accomplish this, the next piece of the PPM platform was put into play: the Template Editor (TEDI). TEDI makes it easy to create beautiful dynamic product ads without needing a graphic designer. 

Using TEDI, Flannels was able to design the look they wanted, then immediately scale that branded design across their catalog with a few clicks. Now the promotions were all branded and scalable. They were split into optimised product sets (in addition to the gender/category segmentation). Flannels was ready to take their campaigns to the next level.


The Results

With the newly designed and reconfigured prospecting campaigns running, Flannels started to see some tremendous results. These data-driven campaigns were now driving 60% - 70% of their total weekly revenue. Overall, Flannels was now spending 55% less, and producing 122% more revenue. 

Their click-through rate (CTR) on Facebook increased by 21%. Their conversion rate per Google Analytics increased by 76%. And the most substantial result came when examining the difference in their return on ad spend per Google Analytics: an increase of 107%! 

When your campaigns are branded, optimised, and scalable, the improvements come fast, with sizeable results.

joseph deslandes
Joseph Deslandes, Performance Marketing Manager at Frasers Group

During our first year with ROI Hunter, our goal was to establish a way to take more control over our Paid Social activity and align it with wider needs of the business - and we can say confidently that ROI Hunter was integral in helping us to achieve this.


After taking the time to understand our internal set-up and our core KPIs, the team have always made sure that proposed solutions were tailored to our needs and the results speak for themselves! We’re very excited as we head into our next year of partnership where we aim to optimise and elevate our activity even further.

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