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E-commerce Brazil

Did L’Occitane really increase ROAS by 74% in under a month?!

L’Occitane is a cosmetics retailer, providing fragrances, skin-care products, and more.


1976 - First alembic, first drops of essential oils, first soap
1977 - First harvest of fine lavender
1980 Shea - First encounter with the women of Burkina Faso
1980 - The first ever shop opens in Volx, a village in Provence with 150,000 inhabitants
1990 - First solidarity soap and aid to Sahel with the Daniel Balvoine Association
1992 - First store opening in Paris, rue Vavin
1997 - The international “L’Occitane Group” is created for global strategy
2013 - Group turnover exceeds 1 Billion Euros
2013 - L’Occitane Group launches L’Occitane au Brésil

The company now has retail locations in 90+ countries, in addition to a robust e-commerce presence. ROI Hunter began working with them to enhance L’Occitane’s Brazilian e-commerce channel.


the challenge

Like many retailers, L’Occitane needed to adapt to the changes brought about by COVID-19. Beyond just keeping sales consistent, they wanted to use this as an opportunity to increase their online revenue and overall ROI even further.

More specifically, there were several hurdles L’Occitane needed to overcome in order to make their goals of higher revenue and ROI a reality:

  • Greater insight into their performance
  • A method to strategically use their business data
  • A more agile way to create and manage their campaigns
  • A campaign structure that used automatic placement 

L’Occitane began working with ROI Hunter to create this set up, and accomplish their goals.

the solution

First, ROI Hunter connected L’Occitane to Product Insights. The Product Insights feature gathers product-level information from across channels (Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Shopping, custom sources), integrating it within ROI Hunter’s platform. This single source of truth makes it far more possible to compare performance between channels, as well providing data granular enough to filter the catalog for just about any metric you can imagine. 

With Product Insights up and running, L’Occitane was able to filter their catalog to create highly precise product sets, optimized toward specific goals (higher revenue, Greater ROI, etc.) By connecting their own custom data source of “Favorite” products from their sales all over the world, L’Occitane ensured that every product being promoted was something deeply desirable.

Next, ROI Hunter introduced L’Occitane to the Template Editor (TEDI) to improve the agility of campaign creation. TEDI’s design features make it simple to create (and scale) dynamic promotions, even without a graphic designer. For L’Occitane, one of the biggest benefits of TEDI was the ability to set up conditional triggers with templates. Using this functionality with their custom source and other data, L’Occitane was able to automate badges on their promotions indicating sales price, special discounts, free shipping, etc.



With the products sets compiled, and the campaigns designed and ready to scale, L’Occitane was ready to launch their first Dynamic Ads for a Broad Audience (DABA) campaign. DABA campaigns target people on Facebook who have not been to your site, but who have shown interest in products on other sites similar to what you sell.

the result

This new prospecting campaign brought L’Occitane the revenue and ROI they were looking for. The new promotions looked great, the product sets kept the budgets focused on promoting the right items, and they managed to even increase revenue while they were scaling.

Renata Sousa, Senior Media Analyst

It is not the first time that I work with ROI Hunter and the results have pleased me a lot! ROI Hunter is a complete platform, where we can work with data from Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Ads, AppsFlyer and other paid media tools. It helps a lot in the campaign settings, as it is fully automated and simplifies several steps. It is a complete platform for A / B testing and, in addition, all the creation and editing that we can do on the platform is fantastic.


With the high demand for pandemic sales, our creative team had much longer lead times and ROI Hunter helped us to solve this problem. The “Product Insights” part is fantastic and we were able to create several types of product groups for placement, in addition to the ease of creating “changeable” groups. We started with ROI Hunter in July 2020 and when we compare the numbers accumulated only on Facebook until January 2021 vs LY, we grew 104% in revenue and 44% in transactions.


The service is great and consistent with the "CSM" of the vehicles, they are always around encouraging new tests and bringing insights. I strongly recommend this platform!

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