2x increase in Ad Spend
7x more transactions
4x increase in roas
E-commerce Brazil

Dental Cremer - Use Dynamic Ads to Grow Transactions 7x

Dental Cremer is a Brazilian B2B e-commerce that sells dental products to dentists in Latin America.


Dental Cremer sprouted as a division of Cremer in 2001 and used direct mail as their primary form of marketing. Since its inception, Dental Cremer has grown 20 times in the past five years as did their e-commerce portfolio with over 50,000 products.  As a result, they realized that it was time to revamp their online advertising strategy in order to grow and keep up with its ever-evolving landscape.

Their main goals were as follows:

  1. Correct and implement all pixels on their site
  2. Start dynamic product campaigns
  3. Gain insights from campaigns to influence further


dental cremer challenge-1.png Dental Cremer Goals


We first analyzed the users on their website and discovered some interesting ways to segment their dynamic ad campaigns. As a result of our analysis, we were able to identify the best time windows to use dynamic ad campaigns. After this, we installed pixels correctly with events like add to cart, purchase and view content.

The reason we used dynamic product ads was that their target audience is specific, dental practitioners, meaning that people who access the site were highly relevant for Dental Cremer. Our Template Image Editor made it possible for Dental Cremer to create beautiful looking images for ads, directly from their product feed. We also used our automatic rules to save time and on analyzing and optimizing ads.

dental cremer ad examples.gif Dental Cremer Ads


The results since Dental Cremer’s partnership with us have proven to be astonishing. Dental Cremer saw

  • a 7X increase in transactions
  • a 15% higher average-ticket sale
  • 40% decrease in bounce rate
  • 55% more new users
  • an increase in average sessions time from 02:14 minutes to 07:03.
  • Reduction in CPC by 19%
  • 7% growth in CTR


dental creme results.png Dental Cremer Products from Website

“With ROI Hunter we started to save time and money when creating ads. With a simple and efficient platform, we optimize automatically our campaigns and focused our efforts on new strategies. This allowed us to explore new formats, targets, and A/B tests. With that, we maximize our recipe and decrease the bounce-rate of campaigns, who always was a big challenge for us because of our segment”

Mirelly Helmbrecht Performance Supervisor

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