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Beautybox more than doubled revenue while scaling. Here's how.

Beautybox, a multi-brand superstore from Brazilian conglomerate the Boticario Group, offers high quality cosmetics both in-store and online. The company was founded on the idea of curating a selection of premium beauty products, ensuring that whatever product a customer chose, the quality would be top-notch.


The challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic forced Beautybox to partially close some of their offline stores, and the company decided it was time to invest more into their online presence. Their goal was to scale both their sales and revenue, in spite of the difficulties presented by the pandemic. After consulting with ROI Hunter, a plan was formed to achieve this goal, along with the milestones that would need to be hit along the way:

  • Beautybox needed greater insight into the performance of their products
  • They needed a way to use strategic business information through custom sources in order to keep ahead of their competitors in terms of price, margin, and markup
  • They needed greater control over how their campaigns were created and managed
  • They needed more focus on their prospecting campaigns


The solution

ROI Hunter began by setting Beautybox up with Product Insights, which gathers product-level data from each channel, combining it all within the ROI Hunter platform to form a single source of truth. Using this newly integrated data, Beautybox was able to filter their catalog for highly specific metrics in order to create product sets, each optimised for an individual goal. 

ROI Hunter also connected strategic business information from Beautybox to these insights using a custom source, making it possible to include product markup, margin, and competitor price in their strategies.

For instance, Beautybox filtered to find which of their products were in the overall top 20% in terms of return on ad spend (ROAS). These products were put into a product set, ensuring all the items with high ROAS would receive promotion.

Other product sets included the most searched for products on Google Shopping, products with the highest click-through rate (CTR), best-selling products, and more.

Using the custom source, Beautybox also created a set of items with a better price than competitors. 

Beyond the product sets, Beautybox used ROI Hunter’s Template Editor (TEDI) to scale their creative abilities. Using TEDI, Beautybox was able to create numerous beautiful dynamic promotions without needing a graphic designer. With everything designed through templates, it was also fast and simple for Beautybox to apply special badges to specific campaigns at scale (e.g. free shipping, best-seller, etc.).

beautybox solution

Fields like the “Points Club” mentioned above were created specifically for Beautybox. This field is dynamic, and set to change based on the price (e.g. the R$220,90 price shows them a banner for 221 points. If the price were R$320,90 they would instead see a banner for 321 points).

The result

With their newly optimised product sets geared toward specific goals, and the increased creative abilities from using TEDI, Beautybox was able to achieve substantial results. They weren’t just able to keep transactions steady while scaling their spend by 127%, they actually increased transactions by 164% over the period.

They also doubled their number of sessions, increased their return on ad spend (ROAS) and raised revenue by a whopping 214%.


bruno oliveira
Bruno Oliveira, Senior Analyst, Boticario Group

ROI Hunter helps us with a positive impact on the daily management of social ads. The ease and dynamism to upload different ads and the creation of xml templates. Also in the countless insights that the tool compiles about the placement of our catalog on Facebook, Google Shopping and Google Analytics, consequently it helps in the speed of data analysis and facilitates decision making.

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