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Souq- Advertising Growth and Easy Management through Google Sheets

Souq is the largest e-commerce platform in the Arab world. It is known as the Amazon of the Arab world and trades in 31 categories raging from fashion to consumer electronics.

The Challenge

When setting up and updating adverts on Facebook Souq used to face a number of issues with:

  • Sending and receiving large image files and ad copy in group e-mails,
  • The information flow from product team to campaign executives required to announce and process updates.
The Goal
Run fresh prospecting campaigns, automatically updating them with new deals every week and to cut the number of hours spent on manual campaign management. That’s why we introduced this new approach of creating prospecting campaigns through Dynamic Ads and Google Sheets.

The Solution

We created a Google Sheet with client-friendly column names for filling in information about prospecting campaigns. 


Sheet Columns

Category ID
Title Post text 
Description text

Destination URL with UTMs 
Image URL Target gender
Target language  

This dynamic approach helped Souq to tackle all challenges that used to occur with prospecting campaigns.

Seamless Collaboration

Every team member can now add new products by adding a new line directly into the sheet.
To add new information in creatives, change the prices or delete products, team members are only required to edit the corresponding fields. This approach also allows for live campaign monitoring.
Audience Testing
We tested several targeting options together with Souq and found lookalikes to be the most effective solution. While for fashion items male and female ads had to be differentiated, we could target both genders for electronics. In total we are using 18 ad sets for every category. With 3 categories (CCC, Fashion & Lifestyle) 54 ad sets are running in the prospecting campaign. It might sound like lot of work but creating those in ROI Hunter was few minutes job.

SOUQ - Consumer Electronics

Soug - consumer electronics SOUQ Reach even more of your audience


souq ecommerce platform.png Souq Ecommerce Platform

The Win


Automatic Rules

Souq is testing two types of bidding: optimizing for clicks and optimizing for website conversions. There is no need for manual budget and bidding optimization – ROI Hunter’s Automatic Rules are optimizing the campaigns based on Google Analytics data, bringing the best results automatically.

Clear Results

When it comes to reporting, they are able to export spend on the product level and find product performance in Google Analytics as product IDs were added to the UTM parameters.


Do It Yourself

Learn to set up your own E-commerce campaigns using only Google Sheets with this 5-Step Guide.

"The main benefit of running campaigns on ROI Hunter is the simplicity and time effectiveness of the new workflow. We have 100% control over the content we promote. We can change any part of the creative or stop any of the campaigns at any time by simply updating the Google Sheet. With 65% less time spent on advertising campaign management, we have been able to effectively redistribute our marketing efforts, dedicating our time to creating the best deals on the market."

Warrick Godfrey Senior Regional Marketing Director, Souq

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