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How a top beauty brand hit a 459% increase in transactions

Our client, which focuses on makeup and cosmetics, is one of the world's fastest-growing beauty brands. Since its start, the beauty brand has launched an entire array of products ranging from lipstick collections, to face palettes, false lashes, and more.


The challenge

Our beauty client’s image is highly important to them, especially when creating their ads. To maintain their brand image, they were spending a lot of time on creating campaigns where they frequently had to change their ads to show their most popular products. This led them to miss out on potential opportunities to showcase their products to customers.

With ROI Hunter, our client was hoping to improve their revenue, transactions, and ROI (return on investment) for their dynamic ads, while still maintaining their brand’s aesthetic style.

The solution

ROI Hunter set the beauty brand up with the Product Insights tool, which gathers product-level data from across channels (Google Shopping, Facebook, Google Analytics, etc.), and merges it into the ROI Hunter platform. With this new source of data, they could quickly filter their catalog to create product sets aligned with their goals, giving them influence over which products get promoted and how.

Google Shopping Top Impressions

Google Shopping top impressions were a key player for this campaign. When famous people or influencers promote products on social media, there is a notable surge in searches for those items. To get more traction, the brand had been working with influencers to promote their products on social media. 

Knowing this, ROI Hunter helped the beauty brand client use the data from the most searched products on Google Shopping to efficiently create campaigns that showcased these “most searched” or trending products on Instagram.

The Template Editor

Our client also took advantage of the ROI Hunter Template Editor (TEDI). The Photoshop-esque TEDI makes it easy to create beautifully branded dynamic promotions without increasing the workload of a graphic designer. 

TEDI is also connected to the same central source of data, which makes it simple to add conditions into the promotions to generate automatic stamps when those conditions are met. 

For this campaign, our beauty client used the template with stylised images and TEDI with conditions to create automated stamps, such as “New Arrival” and “Mini Size”, to differentiate their products, all while maintaining their brand’s image. The automated stamps also helped prevent confusion for shoppers about their products’ actual size.


Our client also used hourly retargeting for this campaign, which is only available with ROI Hunter. The beauty brand targeted customers who had added items to their cart in the last 12 hours, but didn’t complete their purchase. This is a crucial tool for trending products, because trends are generally time sensitive, unpredictable, and can be short-lived.

The result

With ROI Hunter, our client attained amazing results. The combination of Google Shopping top impressions data, using TEDI (the Template Editor) for stylised ads and stamps, and 12-hour retargeting worked wonders for their campaign. 

The beauty brand’s revenue skyrocketed to a 323% increase while their transactions jumped even higher, reaching a 459% increase. Additionally, their ROI (return on investment) hit a 45% increase!

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Raiane Amarante, Strategic Customer Success Manager, ROI Hunter

"We were able to successfully use product-level data as a unique advantage to analyse trending products on Instagram. We joined this with beautifully branded creatives and enabled retargeting, which ended in amazing results."

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