Optimise your campaigns using all company data

Bring together every source of data within your business and create, analyze, and optimize your paid advertising to the max.

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The best performance-driven marketing tool I have used to date!

Ross P.

Performance Marketing Manager

A very useful platform for e-commerce with great client service.

Ania T.

Performance Marketing Specialist

It's a tool that everyone who uses Facebook Ads should have.

Juliana C.

Marketing Analyst

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s oliver

Start making smart decisions

sustainable e-commerce_profitability_v2

Start making smart decisions

Adapt our platform to fit your needs. Connect every source of data within your company and understand your performance at the product-level. Identify top-performing products and hidden opportunities, and get a step ahead of your competitors.

Target the right audience

marketing manager_target the right audience

Target the right audience

Create incredibly precise product campaigns on Google and Facebook, and A/B test them to find the best creatives. Then start scaling the top-performers. 

Automate your ads

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Automate your ads

Save time by implementing automatic ads for every Facebook and Google placement. Our dynamic ads automatically find relevant products to promote.

Features You’ll Love

features_sus_product insights

Product Insights

Gather product information from every channel in one spot, and analyze it to find high/low performers, rising stars, and more

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features_sus_google smart shopping

Google Smart Shopping creation and management

Create, manage and collaborate with your team on Google Smart Shopping, all within one platform

features_sus_facebook ads

Facebook Ads creation and management

Create, manage and collaborate with your team on Facebook Ads, all within one platform

features_sus_apps measurement

App measurement

Track customers and visitors inside of your mobile app with ease

features_gro_crm data integration

CRM data integration

Integrate your CRM data and create unique custom audiences that update in real time

features_gro_video template editor

Video template editor

Create gorgeous videos using just static images from your product feed with a few clicks

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