ROI Hunter Data Integrations


Connect your CRM and measurement data from any of your systems to make better and faster decisions. ROI Hunter helps e-commerce to maximize the power of their Product and Customer data. Create, analyse and optimize with all measurement, audiences and data at one place.


To analyse your performance precisely you usually need to go through different measurements and attribution models, using different tools or even some calculations. Integrate your campaigns easily with any of your measurements to get real-time insights, see visualised trends and get actionable data. Drive your performance at scale with new clarity on what is really working for you. 

See cases where measurement integration empowered our clients towards better results here.

Feed + pixel

If your e-commerce platform is not a custom one, there can be challenges blocking you from setting up your dynamic ads correctly. Generating your product feed or firing right events for a Facebook pixel is key to adopt all formats, features and drive results. We are enabling an easy solution without the need for support from an IT department.

See inspiration how the correct pixel implementation helped our clients to move forward:


Customer data are key to keep your relevancy up. To grow your yield and reach performance at scale, you need to ensure that you are connecting with the right people, at the right time with the right content. Neither Facebook or Google is holding the most important data, you are! Integrate your CRM easily to make a step towards data-driven marketing

See cases where CRM integration empowered our clients towards better results:

Tailored Solutions

Did you not find your measurement system or out of the box CRM integration? Don’t worry as we are looking for long-term partnerships with our clients. Do you have a Zapier friendly solution that is not on the list? Do you want to ask us if your system is compatible with ROI Hunter? Let’s talk, many of our clients are running on tailored integration.