May 14 2018
3 minute read

Tip #4: Prepare for fierce competition during the holy month

With many companies allocating a budget to campaign during the holy month of Ramadan, one must remember to anticipate large amounts of competition. With changes in buying behavior and the way people consume content, the best way to combat the competition is by making decisions based on data surrounding the best time to campaign and the type of content required to stand out.

Here is an example of a successful data-driven campaign:

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During Ramadan, the use of Miswak increases. Listerine used this information combined with the knowledge that cooking and food recipe content increases by 25% to run a very successful campaign. This is a good example of correct timing and well thought out channels.

Award winning campaign:

A past winner of the prestigious Lantern Award which is presented to the best YouTube campaign in terms of relativity, reach and engagement was Orange Egypt. Through the use of humor, tradition, and relating themes of Ramadan such as scarcity of time, they were able to engage with their audience actively and boost the popularity of the ad.

For more inspiration here is a list of other finalists for the coveted Lantern Award.

Final Thoughts

To cut through the noise it is important to connect to your audience. Use humor and incorporate different themes of Ramadan to help you build your relationship with your customers and always be strategic with data-driven campaigns to ensure you know when and how to make the most impact with your campaigns. A combination of this will help you edge out your competition.

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