Jul 03 2018
2 minute read

Tip #3: Use specialised messaging to leverage different phases of Ramadan

Ramadan can be broken down into ‘pre-Iftar’, ‘post-Iftar, ‘pre-Suhoor’ and ‘post-Suhoor’. Using custom messaging, you can connect to your audience on a deeper level, and by communicating particular messages such as Iftar offers for restaurants, you can leverage an opportunity to attract customers for Iftar by knowing when to promote your business.

As the consumption of content increases between 2 am and 5 am, it is essential to make content that is easy to digest and the call-to-actions are easy to use.

Different phases of Ramadan during the holy month
Businesses should also acknowledge that Ramadan not only has different phases over the course of the day but has distinct phases over the course of the holy month. Different types of customers need to be paid attention to over different weeks. Have a look at the timeline below to see what fits your business:



Some important metrics to keep in mind are there is a 22% increase in the search for gifts in the last two weeks of Ramadan. So businesses looking to make the most of their budget should ensure that their communication takes place around that time to make the most out of their campaign.

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