Aug 09 2016
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Optimize App Engagement on Facebook

As if inspiring users to download apps wasn’t difficult enough, only 6% of users continue to use apps 30 days after downloading them. Developers and mobile app owners alike, rejoice! Facebook heard your cries for help and is going to make your life easier and your conversion rates higher. To achieve that, mobile applications are getting new in-app optimization events and expanded Facebook Dynamic Ads.

Thanks to our click-ready culture, big mobile storage capacities and generally limited attention spans, one can easily forget about an app installed minutes ago, sending it into depths of The Second-Iphone-Screen-Neverland.

What is an app-owner to do to return visitors back to their app? Facebook answers this question with the new App Event Optimization feature, now available globally.

Users spend 90% time of their mobile usage in apps (come to think of it, where else would they go on their phone? Calculator? Stare at the screen watching the battery dry?). 58% of mobile purchases in the US are also taking place in-app, a number that will surely rise even higher, courtesy of the recent Pokemon-lifestyle takeover.

Optimizing App Events

Similar to website pixel events, optimization for app events will help display ads to users most likely to convert in-app. It lets developers set particular in-app events that they can in turn advertise for, such as “add items to cart”, “view new arrivals”, “register” or “proceed to checkout”.


You can target people who have already installed your app but are not using it the way you want them to, paying for ads for in-app actions, reminding users about the app’s existence and inspiring further conversions.

By showcasing the features of your new collection, exclusive insights or offering a discount in-app you can extend your re-marketing funnel, helping you gain new customer information post-install.

Dynamic + Immersive App Advertisements

In addition to optimizing for app events, Facebook is also going to introduce two new app ad formats.

Dynamic: If a user has shown an interest in a product or a service on the brand’s website, Facebook will display an app install ad to them dynamically, showing the product of interest as a part of the ad, creating a clear incentive for installing the app.

Immersive: Facebook also plans to introduce Canvas Ads, bringing users a glimpse of what is to come using a full-screen app preview, prompting users to either download the app or otherwise engage with it.

While waiting for the new ad options to be introduced, check whether your Facebook Pixel is properly updated (or else).

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