May 16 2017
4 minute read

Instagram Stories: Direct Response for Performance

TL;DR Instagram is introducing Direct Response for brands exclusively via Facebook Marketing Partners. This will help you to measure, optimize attribute ROI on the social platform. Thanks to ROI Hunter’s platform, you will be able to test it before everyone else!

Currently, Instagram Stories offers marketers the ability to measure reach, exits, replies, people insights and video views. While these metrics are important, direct responses will enable brands a much needed connection to the website conversion and mobile installs/engagement (available at the end of May 2017).

This is exciting news for performance marketers who will be able to measure and optimize, and therefore, allocate ROI for performance on the social platform.

Brands will be able to place CTAs in their Instagram Stories content, which will allow for connection to websites, landing pages, and app installs (available at the end of May). This means Instagram Stories will open up possibilities for lead generation, website conversion, product/service sales and promotion, product orders, or newsletter sign ups.

The following CTAs are supported in the new Direct Response Instagram Stories:

  • Apply Now
  • Book Travel
  • Book Now
  • Buy Tickets
  • Contact us
  • Get Offer/Quote
  • Learn More
  • Listen Now
  • Open Link
  • Order Now
  • Play Game
  • Sell Now
  • Shop Now
  • Sign up
  • Subscribe
  • View Event
  • Watch More
  • Watch Video

Tips for implementing the Direct Response tactics:

  • Breadth today, depth tomorrow
  • Focus on broad targeting parameters to  identify target audiences in Stories and optimize performance in subsequent campaigns.
  • Use automatic bids when starting the campaign and adjust them after 2-3 days if necessary. Make the first 1-3 seconds count; the best performing creative captures the users’ attention within 2-3 seconds
  • Post-click experiences matter…a lot
  • Do not redirect users to another domain. A single destination URL is highly recommended
  • URLs that automatically ask for permissions (such as location) are highly discouraged
  • We highly recommend that the initial destination page does not feature any ads
  • We do not recommend pop-ups of any sort on the landing page

Sites that load in 5 seconds vs. 19 seconds observe:

  • 25% higher ad viewability 
  • 70% longer average sessions
  • 35% lower bounce rates
  • 2x revenue

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