Aug 17 2016
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Frequency: The Metric Worth Tracking

TL;DR Metrics such as COS, CPA or CPC can tell you how the ad is performing, but they will not tell you why. That is the reason you should keep an eye on frequency at least from time to time to make to analyze whole picture and better understand ad performance.

Did your successful ad stop working although you swear you did not make any drastic changes? Did your spend suddenly increase without much ROI love? It might be due to the high frequency of your ad. 

Let’s take a look at the reasons for tracking frequency and the way it influences your ads.


According to Facebook, frequency is the average number of times your ad was shown to each person. If you have narrow targeting settings and a high budget, it can easily happen that your ad is shown several times to one user. The higher frequency number, the higher chance that your ads can lose their performance shine, as users might have seen your ad already and have chosen to ignore it for one reason or the other

And if they are not interested, they might be more likely to hide the ad. If several people hide your ad, Facebook might stop displaying it. So probably should avoid that from the start.


Exclude people from your audience

While setting up targeting, exclude people who have recently made any conversion on your website or e-store. Do the same for already running campaigns – exclude those who have recently added products to cart or visited your blog in the last few days. You can set up another campaign for them (benefits for loyalty, up-sell, dynamic ads with new products – sky is the limit for your imagination) or display content relevant to their previous action. You will avoid targeting the same people over and over again and will save money, prolonging lifetime of successful campaigns.

Change the creative already!

You’ve got high frequency, no conversions and you believe you’re targeting the right audience? Try to change creatives – play around with images and text or maybe do some Dynamic Ads next time – using automatic rules will make sure no same creative is shown too often. 

Change targeting

Add new audience or interests, or change it up completely.


Unfortunately, there’s no clear answer, but pay attention to ads with frequency higher than 3. In ROI Hunter you can set up automatic rules and pause ads when the frequency value is too high or make any of suggested changes to your copy and creatives automatically.

In case if your ad is performing well while the frequency seems a tad high, there’s no need to change anything, but do keep an eye on the ad just in case.

Frequency important to track on facebook


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