Apr 26 2024
5 minute read

Automatically optimise your product photos for Instagram Stories & Reels

Instagram Stories and Reels have prime placement on the app, often the first thing your customers see, and they’re more likely to engage with these than a post.

So what’s stopping you from taking full advantage of this? Your product images are in the wrong format. All those wonderful 5x4 or square images that work for your dynamic ads on Facebook aren’t optimised for Instagram Stories and Reels.

If you don’t change the images, Meta will do it for you, depriving you of valuable real estate space you could use to show off the products (prices, free shipping, discounts, etc.)


Now if you have 100 products, converting those images isn’t much of a problem. But if you have thousands, or even millions of products in your catalog, you need a solution to automatically convert all those square images into the 9:16 format that works best for Stories and Reels.

How to convert the images

With a tool like ROI Hunter’s Template Editor, you can make these changes in a snap, and even add automated branding or overlay rules to spice up each promotion. Here’s how:


1. Pick one of your 5x4 or square images from your feed (a template is created on one product but will be applied on all products)

2. Create a canvas with 1080 x 1920 pixels

3. Use the main image and additional images from the feed

4. Add your branding rules to use the space to its full potential

ROI Hunter will automatically render 9x16 images for every product, and refresh the promotion when the parameters in the feed change (e.g. to render the right price). You can also create conditional layers that will be rendered only when a certain condition from the feed is met (e.g. free shipping labels). Meta will automatically use the optimised images when placing your product.

Creative examples

              coco_2-02 coco_2-03
                                  BEFORE                                           AFTER

               coco_2-04-2 coco_2-05                                                            BEFORE                                           AFTER

Results in action

We worked with one of our major fashion clients to implement this strategy, and while the campaign is still ongoing, we’ve seen encouraging improvements in both the click-through-rate (CTR) and cost per click (CPC) of their DABA and ASC campaigns in just the first week:

Optimised Stories: CTR: +29.5%  CPC: -15%  Optimised Reels: CTR: +27.5%  CPC: -24.1%

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