Oct 24 2016
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Reveal A-Class Creatives With Our Advanced Image Editor

TL;DR Like funky ad creatives? Like ads that move? So do your audiences! Slideshows have 25% better CTR compared to static ads, and they take only a fraction of the time required to make expensive and resource-heavy video ads. Bring life in motion to Facebook's Newsfeed and get more customers with a few clicks. 

Now you can design the best-looking ads without a Photoshop license! You will find all you need in our advanced Image and Slideshow Editor. Read on to find out what else this new feature has in store for you.

Image Editor – powerful creative solutions & simple execution

Our Image Editor provides a great solution for saving your resources: skip purchasing licenses for graphic tools and quit outsourcing design work – with ROI Hunter you can do it all yourself. A free image editor inside our platform will help you improve creatives for non-feed-based ads, set up slideshows in a few clicks and sketch continuous carousel ads from a single picture. Another hack will remove white backgrounds from images you upload, making sure those annoying white edgy corners are not visible on darker backgrounds. 

Things you can add:

  • Images: from a folder or a URL address,
  • Text: a huge font library is included for free!
  • Shapes: start with adding basic shapes, proceed with more fun icons, arrows, frames or lines, changing their colors for a perfect fit,
  • Templates: use or edit previously created designs from your media library,
  • Slideshows: sort images in the right order and set up display duration and transition effects.

On the left side of the canvas, drag and drop layers to move them back or forward, choose the level of opacity, making images more transparent or duplicate the layers you like. 

Layer creatives

Slideshows can include 3 to 7 pictures- they work both for single-image banners and carousel ads (with carousel, each tab can have different moving sequences). The slideshow automatically shrinks your file size where necessary, making motion ads suitable even for devices with a poor internet connection. A 15-second slideshow can be up to 5x smaller in file size than a video of the same length (internal Facebook data).

Once you finish editing, save your new design to the Media Library. Watch these videos for a little creative inspiration. 


In addition, we developed a Dynamic Template Editor with conditional rules for Dynamic Ads. Here is a gallery with templates created by our clients. Seeing the results of our work in your campaigns is one of the many reasons we love working at ROI Hunter! 

enjoei template example Domodi template example
Bambino editor example Image editor example - zoot
Peixe Urbano template example Big brands template example

It is really THAT easy. Take a chance to start a 14-days FREE TRIAL below – get access to the platform and all of our additional features straight away. We are looking forward to seeing the ads you come up with!


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