Dec 11 2018
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A success story on using Prospecting Dynamic Product Ads based on Google Analytics data!

A good marketer is always looking for ways to squeeze the most out of their campaigns. A top marketer uses as much data as possible to achieve the best results. Since we know how important data is, we are constantly digging for solutions that will help you use them effectively. ROI Hunter allows users to import their product data from Google Analytics, pair them with products from their feed and use them for filtering the best-performing products.

How does it work?

Just connect your Google Analytics profile to the product catalog and ROI Hunter will automatically download your data and pair them with products in your feed. If you want to squeeze the most out of this feature, push concrete metrics (e.g. monthly revenue) to the feed (custom label). Pushing metrics will allow you to build a product set based on product data.

Best practices:

There are several options on how to benefit from data-driven product promotion. Picking products based on data is especially valuable for dynamic prospecting ads but, don’t worry, a good selection of products for prospecting will mean that you gain better results also in re-marketing campaigns.

  • Promote bestsellers.
    Create a product set from products which have a certain amount of transactions and use it in your dynamic prospecting campaign.

  • Promote high-value products
    Create a product set of products which have a high revenue. With this approach, you can be sure that you promote only products worth spending on. 

Both best practices can be used in reverse. Sometimes you may want to filter out the best performing products because they have good results already and you don't want to spend more money promoting them. There are many ways how to use GA data, it's just up to you which one you choose.

Our success story

With our client, we have started running Prospecting Dynamic Product Ads (a.k.a. pDPA) during the summer of 2018. Our plan was to increase ROI with the help of Slideshow Carousel Template and Dynamic Prospecting Ads and also increase ROI of our Re-marketing DPA campaigns. In August, we started with pDPA without GA data and measured an ROI of 5 and CTR 1,49% - which is already a very nice result with prospecting campaigns.

DPA campaigns had ROI 26.2.

However, as of September, we started using pDPA with GA data. We created a new Product Set and filtered out only the best selling products in the last 7 days. With this targeting, we were sure that users will always see only the current, most popular titles. The ROI increased rapidly to 9,8 and CTR increased to 2.9%. Re-marketing DPA campaigns also increased to ROI 37. Based on these results, we kept the campaign running for October. At the time of writing this article in October 2018 - with the same campaign - we are achieving ROI 14.1! CTR is still the same, 2.9%. CPC has also decreased rapidly - without GA data, we measured 0.14 USD, with GA data, it is 0.07 USD. The growth is visible almost immediately and it also positively impacted the whole funnel - based on our DPA campaigns. We applied the same strategy to other countries with the same positive results. We mostly used Lookalike Audiences created from Custom Audiences based on sold products for pDPA campaigns.

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