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We are a Fashion e-commerce start-up from Slovakia called STROPS. We used to say that we are “a small e-commerce start-up”, but thankfully those days are behind us. We are proud to say that we scaled our business using exclusively Facebook Ads. Read on to find out how we did it.


Fashionably focused advertising


Focusing on a single marketing channel allowed us to have more time to step up our game elsewhere – we could think about the people we were selling to and their needs first, instead of relentlessly tracking cookies and juggling multiple KPI markers. After only 4 months of Facebook advertising, we now are driving over 75,000 people to our e-shop daily and we are still scaling. The sky is the limit when you do your ads right.


Simplicity is key


We have always been an ambitious company eager to try things as we go. Our goal is to make fashion available for everyone in Europe. Now we are shipping to 9 countries and still have less than 50 staff members. Making things simple is the key to our success.


Far ahead of the madding (fashion) crowd


Let’s face it, the fashion industry makes up one of the most saturated advertising verticals on Facebook. It appears that most of your competitors tend to have an identical approach to marketing, making it extremely difficult to stand out as a startup. If you want to succeed you must give people products with definitive added value and seek help optimizing your ads.


STROPS is focusing on a wide range of products with a large price scale, offering our customer an infinite choice of options. We chose to show ads to a broad target audience in each country and leave it up to users whether to finish the purchase or not.


We used Ads Manager before, but it was impossible to manage the whole European region without external support.


The issues we faced:

  • Maintaining up to 200 campaigns throughout 7 countries is a daunting task for a startup
  • We lacked e-commerce-related data for campaign optimization
  • The process of creative preparation was too demanding and time-consuming
  • We didn’t know Facebook advertising tools too well

It was in the name of saving time and increasing our ROI that we sought help of an Ads Facebook Marketing Partner ROI Hunter.


“We chose Ads FMP ROI Hunter because they have a long-standing experience with helping e-commerce outlets

and Facebook recommended them to us.”

STROPS CEO Peter Ciganik


The account is now fully manageable across countries and currencies. ROI Hunter’s integration with Google Analytics provides us with precise performance data and their Image Editor saves us plenty of time we used to spend on editing creatives. Throughout this experience we learned how to scale effectively and mastered prospecting.


We have recently introduced remarketing techniques as well but we intend to keep remarketing as a secondary marketing instrument. We have found that remarketing frequently overshadows the final conversions making prospecting look highly inefficient. We believe that prospecting and inspiration is the key to growth: if you have loyal customers you don’t have to push them every day to make them complete the purchase.




Do less, earn more


Our main strategy to focus primarily on prospecting on Facebook. You can split your budget between many media channels… but if you do, you frequently end up with overlapping audiences all over the Web and no defined funnel to guide them through. Unfortunately for marketers, it is also difficult to track analytics across channels. And for a startup looking to scale it is incredibly important to point out your strengths and weaknesses statistically.

Spending your budget on prospecting on Facebook allows you to track all of the final transactions and to attribute them to your successful ads. As we said, we like to keep things as simple as possible.


Start-up ad guide:


  • Focus on mass prospecting with smaller remarketing audiences. Otherwise if you combine the two, you might end up having an overlap of remarketing audiences within prospecting
  • Try to target your whole audience and add prospecting to it
  • Inspire your audience – make ads with added value for people shutterstock_367167305

ROI Hunter features that made advertising (and life) easier: 


  • Through Google Analytics data we can highlight effective ads and optimize our campaigns accordingly (see: Seeds Strategy)
  • 4-layer structure of ads made advertising organized and proactive even when you seem to be targeting many regions simultaneously
  • Automatic rules make optimization more effective saving the company’s resources in the long run
  • Training manuals and online support assist us with scaling and help us stay focused on KPI
  • Graphic templates make cross-selling, up-selling and DPA less time-consuming while increasing the ROI.

Here is an example of our ads before and after using the graphic templates. Which one are you more likely to click?red_converse

Careful what you wish for (because with ROI Hunter you will probably get it):


  • We are now shipping to 8 new countries after just 4 months of advertising
  • 31 % Boost in Conversion Rate of Facebook ads
  • 44 % Boost in the number of transactions from Facebook ads
  • 2x Higher ROI
  • Less than 50 employees
  • A well-defined media strategy

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