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5 Steps to Automation

UAE Fashion Shop -Dynamic Ads for Full Funnel Automation & Small Teams

UAEFashionshop (UAEFS) is an e-shop with operations run by a small team of founders who manage and organize all aspects of the business – from product development to marketing.

the Challenge

You want to grow your revenues and reach, you want to scale, expand and explore new markets. What you don’t want is to grow your team without your revenue. UAEFashionShop employed our automation features to help with this.

The Goal

Their goal was to scale using full funnel automation. While decreasing the time spent on manual campaign management, UAEFS wanted to fully automate their advertising at all stages of the funnel. Dynamic Ads across all stages of the client acquisition funnel decreased manual labor and dramatically increased ROI. Who said a robot invasion should 

Our Solution 

UAEFS used the ROI Hunter platform focusing on three key areas before launching their first campaign:
  • Adopting up-to-date best practices for Facebook advertising.
  • Identifying the right KPIs and setting performance goals for the trial period.
  • Implementing the infrastructure required to run efficient performance campaigns
  • Including Facebook pixels, as well as converting their product catalog into the right format.



Once all the key features were in place, UAEFashionShop kicked-off re-marketing campaigns using Dynamic Ads. The aim was to return all customers, who did not finish purchases before, bringing them back to the e-shop. This strategy yielded results immediately.


New Customer Acquisition:

The real challenge however, was to accelerate growth, as it required quicker customer acquisition. Prospecting on Facebook usually involves campaigns using static banners and a considerable amount of testing and manual optimization, making it a no-go for the small UAEFS team.


Ad Examples

UAE-fashion-ad-examples UAE Fashion Shop


Full Automation with Dynamic Ads UAE Fashion Shop

5 Steps to Automation

  1. Reach new customers with Dynamic Ads for new user acquisition,
  2. Send traffic to the e-shop’s ‘category level’, exposing users to a broader product range, showing the product from the original advert as the first product of the category,
  3. Optimize Facebook delivery based on a purchase event,
  4. Bid for off-site conversions using automatic bidding,  
  5. Set automatic rules on ROI Hunter, allocating budgets between ad sets based on performance.

The Win

Ad sets that behave well will get more money to spend, misbehaving underachievers will be put to bed.  

ROI Hunter and Facebook Ads were uniquely positioned to help UAEFS meet their advertising goals through accessing precise user information suitable for successful re-marketing and targeting new customers. Enhanced by workflow optimization and automation features of ROI Hunter, UAEFS successfully executed planned campaigns and eventually exceeded their targets.

"By signing up to ROI Hunter we were able to scale our revenues without growing the team – campaigns were optimized automatically and we could focus on strategies for new market expansion. It has simplified our work, giving us more time to focus on the most important aspects of growing our business. We already used the same strategy in Kuwait (kuwaitfashionshop.com), and Oman (omanfashionshop.com) and we are not planning on stopping any time soon!"

Hamid Joukar CEO of UAEFashionShop

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