Get ready for the trend of the 2020s: Sustainable Growth!

Learn how to stay profitable even during challenging times.

Why should you read this guide?

E-commerce ad spend has seen a 25% increase across the board. Customer acquisition cost has risen 50% over the last five years.

But overall profitability is down 4%.

With the continual rise of competition in e-commerce, product marketers need a way to build smart, data-driven campaigns at scale for every product. A Product Marketing Platform (PMP) makes it possible to do so.

Learn what can be done with a PMP:

  1. Enhance product data with additional detail (margins, return rates, etc.)
  2. Compile data from multiple sources for marketers to compare
  3. Measure campaign performance with great accuracy, and A/B test for improvements
  4. Create a central hub for creating, analysing, and optimising product marketing campaigns at scale
  5. Simplify cross-team collaboration

Take the next step in product marketing, and start fostering sustainable growth.

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