Embracing the New Normal

Prepare your e-commerce company for COVID-19, and what comes after.


The coronavirus pandemic is a disaster unlike anything in our lifetimes. Though this situation is unprecedented, we can examine history and current trends for a better picture of what is happening now, what will be happening soon, and where this all will lead.

We can look to the 2008 financial crisis for a frame of reference of the struggle of e-commerce companies after a financial collapse. We can review expert expectations of how long our battle against the virus will last, and how it will play out to better understand how our companies can survive

And we can look to human psychology for an idea of what the effect of this will be once the pandemic is over.

Read on for our COVID-19 research and plans:

1) 4 things e-commerce can expect from the 2020 market crash

2) A breakdown of how e-commerce may be affected by the Imperial College London's conclusions on the length of social distancing measures

3) An overview of how habits work, and a review of the habits currently being formed by COVID-19

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Samuel Kellett

Sam writes the e-commerce content for ROI Hunter, working with technical experts to add unique details from their work in the industry. With his background in screenwriting and theatre, Sam brings a unique perspective to his role, and is constantly exploring new and creative ways to explain complex topics.


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