Welcome to the New Normal

Shipping capacity is too low to meet demand in Q3 2020. Is your company prepared to face this, and the other challenges just over the horizon?



Gals, guys, this pandemic isn’t over. This guide is meant to prepare you to understand and face the next stage.

Not only are retailers stuck with warehouses full of deadstock that was once called the “Spring collection,” but a new problem is on the horizon: there wasn’t much demand for shipping in Q2. Which has led to a severe shortage of supply going into Q3, with some shipping routes seeing reductions of up to 30%.

This e-book explores the new emergency, then details strategies that online retailers can use to keep their business profitable as we deal with these crises.

How are you dealing with your deadstock? How are you forecasting new purchase orders? Do you know which of your products is the biggest contributor to your overall profitability? Read on to learn more.


  • A look at the dead stock emergency caused by COVID-19, and what we can expect from the new emergency in Q3
  • Tactics for gaining an understanding of your supply chain
  • Strategies for reducing deadstock, becoming more efficient, and finding the most profitable way to spend your budget

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About the author:

Samuel Kellett, Content Specialist

Sam writes the e-commerce content for ROI Hunter, working with technical experts to add unique details from their work in the industry. With his background in screenwriting and theatre, Sam brings a new perspective to his role, and is constantly exploring novel and creative ways to explain complex topics.

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