Your Dynamic Ads Are Promoting the Wrong Products

Learn how your dynamic Facebook promotions can be enhanced with goal-based product sets fueled by product-level data, and more.


Why should you read this guide?

The larger your product sets, the greater the chance of a top selling product getting lost in the crowd. For companies with large catalogs (and few product sets), we’ve found it’s common for 50% of their impressions to go to just 1% of total products!

This e-book will give you a complete overview of what dynamic ads on Facebook are and how they work. After that, we’ll explore the ways dynamic ads can be enhanced in order to increase their performance.

See real-world examples of how companies have used goal-based product sets, product-level data, templates, and more to create more effective campaigns.

Key Highlights:

  1. Comprehensive overview of Dynamic Product Ads on Facebook

  2. Pro tips for increasing performance through goal-based product sets, excluding low stock products, finding hidden gems, and using templates

  3. Real-world examples of enhanced dynamic promotions in action

  4. An in-depth guide to using the “bestseller” product set strategy for more successful prospecting.

Download our guide and start your journey into better performance!

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Download your free guide:

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Samuel Kellett, Head of Brand & Content

Sam and his team write the e-commerce content for ROI Hunter, working with technical experts to add unique details from their work in the industry. With his background in screenwriting and theatre, Sam brings a new perspective to his role, and is constantly exploring novel and creative ways to explain complex topics.

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