Big Picture Planning For 2022: A Marketer’s Guide

Learn how to enhance Meta's algorithm, skip the review and learning phase, and connect your departments to the same source of integrated data.


What’s in this e-book?

2022 is the year you start unlocking the power of your product data!

Get your business ready by learning to:

  • Enhance Meta's algorithm and create profitable dynamic campaigns
  • Schedule campaigns ahead of time, and learn how to avoid repeating the review stage and learning phase
  • Instil collaboration between departments by connecting them to the same source of product-level data

Big Picture E-Commerce Planning For 2022


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Katrina is the e-commerce content writer at ROI Hunter, bringing with her a background in communications and creative writing. She works closely alongside technical professionals to create holistic insightful content about sophisticated topics regarding their work in the field, while simultaneously injecting humour into her writing wherever she can.

Katrina Radke - Content Specialist

Big Picture E-Commerce Planning For 2022
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