Product Insights

Product Insights enables e-commerce marketers to analyse performance on a product level from different measurement sources and therefore make actionable steps towards better performance.  Read More ↓

Why should you care?


Of products bring 80% of impressions


of conversions attributed to other channels actually belong to Facebook.


of companies only are successful in turning analytics into action


Of other solutions are able to automatically classify your products based on performance.

See What Product Insights Are About:

We help e-commerce advertisers make the most out of dynamic ads and their inventory. How?

Connect your margin, return rate and other data to calculate real profitability.
Gain an overview of product behaviour across multiple data sources
Get actionable insights on Product, Category or Brand level.
Automate product classification process to impactful improvements of your product campaigns.

How can we help you take advantage of your product data?


Enable Facebook's algorithm to focus on the right products

Facebook's algorithm, based on budget, will usually choose between 50 to 200 products to promote to a larger audience. With the ability to identify ROI on a product level, you can easily exclude products that are receiving engagement and traction but no profit.


Have an immediate overview of categories and brands ready to be scaled

Sustainable growth is about identifying success and failure of specific parts of inventory, but also about spotting opportunities. Get insights on category, brand and product level to understand your inventory and make fast, data-driven decisions -  all from multiple data and measurement sources.


Calculate your real profitability

We know that for real impact it’s not just about ROI, but also taking into account different margins, return rates and stock capacity. Connect your custom data through a secured line to get insights for each product and calculate real profitability.

Use Google Shopping Insights to identify trends

Not every product that is not performing within Google is pre-destined to fail. Maybe your pricing isn’t as competitive in direct comparison. Move these specific products to Facebook and Instagram to create new intentions to purchase and leverage their performance.

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