Clients are the biggest priority for us. We appreciate them and our care for them is on the highest level. Of course, this could not happen without a great supporter and tester combined in one person who knows everything, especially regarding our platform. We are looking for a teammate who will get to know ROI Hunter as they have been friends forever, will find all bugs and can explain its mysteries and magic to our clients.


  • Solving problems thanks to your platform knowledge

  • Testing and learning new things on platform

  • Knowing everything even things others don’t know

  • Communication with colleagues and clients who are in trouble and need your help/advise

  • Listening to ideas and comments from our clients and passing them to our client partners


  • Basic knowledge of testing processes
  • Constant interest in technology, IT and job itself
  • Ability to look for and to find stuff! Our job is about watching what is new for Facebook, Google and other technologies we use
  • Ability to see details as well as complex relations
  • More than good communication skills, in English as well
  • And of course the well-known culture fit


  • Basic or even better knowledge of marketing

  • Experience with nice/angry/incomprehensive clients

  • Previous experience with app testing
  • Basic knowledge of HTML, SQL
  • Knowledge of Google Analytics


  • Flexible working hours, home office. Because we don’t need you to be here 8 hours per day.
  • English lessons ... and international collegues who will be happy to help you with your English skills improvement.
  • International offices. Do you like to travel? Are Dubai or Sao Paulo on your bucket list? Lucky you, we have offices there and we will support your endeavor to visit them. :)
  • Summer and Winter offices - A teambuilding week by the sea during summer and skiing in the mountains during winter.
  • The team that helps you whatever happens!  You’ll get a chance to work with a bunch of people who know what they're doing and are great at it.
  • ROI Hunter - It’s a heart thing. Look forward to Mondays so you don’t cry for Fridays (occasionally).


Love your work and can’t get enough of it? Well, you might as well get paid for it.

We want to hear from you and what’s important implement the ideas and feedback you give us.

Breakfast is covered with baguettes, croissants and cereal on the menu. Lunch is covered too with meal vouchers.

...and a bunch of sporty colleagues who sign up for the MultiSport card even if they never go. Maybe you’ll be the one to get them to come.

English/Czech courses and colleagues who will be thrilled to practice with you. Or if your language skills are good enough? Then use your budget for whatever else.

Sounds like something you would enjoy doing and you would love to go to work every morning? Get in touch with us and we will agree on when and where we could meet!


By sending the form, you agree to our Conditions By sending the form you agree to have your personal data processed for marketing purposes in accordance with Act Nr. 101/2000 Sb. (incorporated under the laws of Czech Republic). The data will be stored and used solely for the purposes of ROI Hunter a.s. until revoked in writing. The consent with having the data processed may be revoked at any time.


We asked our people

  • ‘‘Coming from an advertising background, it's great to work for a company that doesn't "sit on it's horses", but rather continuously invents new hacks and functionalities for it's customers. I get to present these to some of the biggest advertisers out there...“

    Erik Werner

    Client Partner

  • ‘‘Having heard some of the stories from other people’s experience with HR has made me that much more careful to remember that it really is about 'Human Relations' - not just pushing through paperwork and organizing parties. We are there to listen, care and guide our employees throughout their time with us. After all, I am not a robot and I don’t expect to treat others as such.“

    Dana Paděrová

    HR Specialist

  • ‘‘Keeping up with the big boys (Facebook - in particular) in terms of creativity, user experience and products can be a challenge. Nothing beats that. I wake up in the morning, get to work and am excited to find out what I will work on. It also helps that I have a great team of people to bounce ideas off. It sharpens the mind and I know that I can keep up with developers anywhere.“

    André Lima

    Front End Developer

Behind our curtains