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ROI Hunter was founded in 2014 to make online marketing world more personal so everyone of us can discover new thing through ads and even enjoy it. Brave idea, you say? We agree, but that's us. We are not afraid of taking new challenges as that is how one can learn.

Our team is about to get bigger in following months and that is why we need your help with identifying new hunters


  • Mainly focus on sourcing talents for our devel teams.
  • Identify qualified candidate profiles using various sourcing techniques.
  • Research and generate target lists of candidates and develop talent pipelines for future hiring needs.
  • Conduct phone screens to get to know candidates and evaluate whether there is a mutual fit between them and ROI Hunter
  • Be in touch with past candidates regarding new openings


  • Have some experience with sourcing and know at least basics of IT - no need to be able to write code or know the latest version of Python. On the other hand, we don't want to spam Java developers with JavaScript offers, right?
  • Live abroad or be strongly attached to market in a specific country, i.e. know the people, possibilities of recruitment and opportunities there.
  • Be familiar LinkedIn, InMail, and the standard suite of recruiting communication tools.
  • Have a creative and strategic view of sourcing, with affinity toward social networking channels
  • Be fond of recruitment and people :)
  • Be able to communicate in English.

What's in it for you

  • Work for a company with a close, unique relationship with Facebook and Google and a great solution for e-commerce worldwide.
  • Join a high potential, well-funded and fast growing startup.
  • Remote cooperation with bonuses based on achievements.


By sending the form, you agree to our Conditions By sending the form you agree to have your personal data processed for marketing purposes in accordance with Act Nr. 101/2000 Sb. (incorporated under the laws of Czech Republic). The data will be stored and used solely for the purposes of ROI Hunter a.s. until revoked in writing. The consent with having the data processed may be revoked at any time.


We asked our people

  • ‘‘Coming from an advertising background, it's great to work for a company that doesn't "sit on it's horses", but rather continuously invents new hacks and functionalities for it's customers. I get to present these to some of the biggest advertisers out there...“

    Erik Werner

    Client Partner

  • ‘‘Having heard some of the stories from other people’s experience with HR has made me that much more careful to remember that it really is about 'Human Relations' - not just pushing through paperwork and organizing parties. We are there to listen, care and guide our employees throughout their time with us. After all, I am not a robot and I don’t expect to treat others as such.“

    Dana Paděrová

    HR Specialist

  • ‘‘Keeping up with the big boys (Facebook - in particular) in terms of creativity, user experience and products can be a challenge. Nothing beats that. I wake up in the morning, get to work and am excited to find out what I will work on. It also helps that I have a great team of people to bounce ideas off. It sharpens the mind and I know that I can keep up with developers anywhere.“

    André Lima

    Front End Developer

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