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Frontend developer

What you should know in a nutshell.

💼 What? React developer to join our Insights team. Manipulate and visualize data that come from our brand new data warehouse!

🎯 Why? We're shifting from a pure advertisement tool to a data platform and our clients LOVE it! So far, we have a proof of concept and now we need more minds and hands to turn this data part of the platform into a key part of ROI Hunter.

👫 Who? Enthusiastic open-minded  JS developer who loves to experiment, continuous improvement and who is customer-oriented.

🌍 Where? Central Brno with 🥂 parties, 🥩BBQs,  🎲 board games or 🍺 beer(s) after work.

🏹 Stack? React, Typescript, Redux, Cypress ... find more in the text below and on

🗓️ When? Starting as soon as possible.

📝 Work arrangement? Full-time contract.


The job

We are a group of enthusiastic people building an advanced Product Marketing Platform (PMP). As a SaaS company, we help e-commerce retailers automate and scale their digital promotions to increase profitability and grow sustainably. We are looking for another skilled Frontend hunter to join our Insights team implementing the PMP vision.

What is the role of the Insights team?

Presenting the right data with a crystal clear UX is the core of PMP. Insights team has a very important role in the data presentation to the user and its processing in the background. As a Frontend developer, you will interact with several backend services implementing the data processing. The data are always accessible via REST APIs that supply the right information to be displayed. And the team is fullstack based in Brno so anything you need to know just turn around and ask. Or ping him/her on Slack.

You can apply your full dev potential when designing the frontend components architecture or implementing the data visualization with large tables, charts and other custom made components.


Find our tech work setup below. Do not be afraid to apply even though you are not experienced in all of these skills. We are happy to meet you.

👉Typed Javascript is a must

Maintaining a large codebase without type definition support is something that does not make sense nowadays and we want to get there too. We try to define everything we can in Typescript.

👉You are a Reactive guy

We develop everything in React JS. We try to get as much as we can from the best React concepts/features (functional components, hooks, component lifecycle, rendering etc.) to keep our platform running smoothly.

👉Are you up to date with EcmaScript?

Array helpers, async / arrow functions, optional chaining, destructuring, promises, nullish coalescing operator are our daily bread.

👉Have you ever used Redux?

Redux is a core of our platform FE development stack. It gives us the right data management power when used with Redux Toolkit.

👉Can you write a clean & well readable code?

This can sound like a buzzword but we want to keep the quality on a high level.

👉 Have you ever written an automatic test?

To deliver the right product experience we have to make sure that things work as expected. Sometimes it is just a bunch of unit tests written in Jest, but we also test the overall feature integration with Cypress.

What can help you to get bonus points?

👌 BEM follower

How you organize your code is the key to efficiency. We aim for a high performance and code maintainability in our platform.

👌 Advanced architecture patterns

Designing a large module architecture can be an extremely difficult task to solve. When processing large datasets we have to manipulate with data flows carefully. Each component has to play its role in the symphony with a clear interface and well-decomposed structure.

👌 Soft skills

The development abilities form success together with clear communication when collaborating with others. Those that are able to lead their next steps or event potentially mentor others can help us grow fast together.

👌 FB/Google Marketing knowledge

Have you ever created a Facebook campaign? Have you tried to run some GDN advertising?

We are effectively connecting multiple data sources in our platform. Most of them are based on well-known Advertising networks. If you know the basics behind them, you will feel like a fish in the water.

Do you have experience with all the terms mentioned above? Then you are the right person to join us
But if you are at least familiar with most of them and you work with their equivalents, feel free to share your skills with us.


☕ Free refreshments 

🧗🏻 Multisport card and sporty colleagues who will join you in your activity 🧘🏻‍♀️🚴🏻‍♂️🏄🏻‍♂️

👩🏻‍🏫 Education budget

🌴 25 days of holiday

💸 Quarterly performance bonus

🥂 Company and team events (if possible 😷)

Work culture

🏠 Full flexibility and home office when you need it (daily stand-ups are at 12 pm)

📈 We lead you to have an impact and bring your own ideas.

🤝 Employees are partners. Managers are approachable (go Slack!), and our quarterly calls welcome all questions. The openness rocks.

🙋🏻 Startup culture. Even though we are growing and bringing up the necessary processes we still keep the free culture. We help each other and will support you. We take care of maintaining a friendly and supportive work culture

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The hiring process

  1. Intro call with our recruiter
  2. Meet the team leader and Frontend colleagues
  3. Show us your skills in practice
  4. Get the offer

Duration from application to final answer is on average up to 2.5 weeks, depending on availability.

Any questions?

We acknowledge it's tough to get to know you in only one intro call, that's why we encourage you to be as open as possible. 

Ask all your questions to

Who we are

Our history​

ROI Hunter is a 🚀 SaaS startup, building an ad-tech platform for eCommerce.

A certified Google and Facebook Marketing Partner, we have access to Facebook & Google 🌍​ global communities, 💡​knowledge and technology.

Founded in 2014 in 🇨🇿 Brno, Czech Republic, we closed a 💸$5.19 Million Series A investment in 2018. 

Our global presence

You can find our 85+ Hunters around the world in offices in São Paulo, London, Prague, Brno, Dubai, New Delhi.

Our current challenge

Anybody can scale, but we want to scale toward sustainable growth. Therefore we are working on a new Product Marketing platform. Join us to help us achieve business decisions that make sense and build a must-have product for our e-commerce clients.

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