Python developer

About us

At ROI Hunter, we help marketers run better and more personalized ads, to promote products to people who actually care about them. We work with some of the most innovative and fastest growing e-commerce companies across the globe to help improve how they reach out to their customers so they can engage with them in a more meaningful way.

We create services of various sizes in Python 3.6+. Our main services process millions of products and images for marketers all around the world. It means you should see nicer and more relevant ads on Facebook (when you have your Adblock turned off :).

We could write 1000 words about it or you could simply look at ROI Hunter platform yourself.

Or for more fun look at the absolutely realistic video of how our daily job looks like and what is waiting for you with us.



How our interview looks like

It usually takes under 1.5 hours and it's an informal talk with the team.

Of course, we would like to know how you think and code so we will give you some simple task to code. If you have any public work, we want to see it.

You can send us a link to anything like LinkedIn, GitHub, StackOverflow. We have also one public homework on GitHub so you can solve it, send us the link to your repository to show us and then the interview is going to be just an informal formality :).

Are you not a senior? We don't need you to have 20 years experience with all the Python frameworks but you should be able to answer some questions about it at the interview and show us you are eager to learn.

What we need from you

You should know:

  • Python 3 (or some previous version and have an interest to learn a new one)
  • SQL (we use PostgreSQL)
  • How to work with HTTP APIs

You can get bonus points for:

  • Knowledge of version control systems (Git preferable)
  • Former usage of language-features (Python 3.6+)
  • Experience with testing (we use pytest), ElasticSearch and/or with SQLAlchemy + alembic

And what's in it for you

  • Working on a project using apart from others non-public functions of and Facebook API
  • Flexible working hours, home office. Because we don’t need you to be here 8 hours per day.
  • Paid overtimes for those who simply love their job and cannot get enough of it.
  • We will feed you - we have breakfasts in form of cereals and muesli, fresh baguettes on Tuesday and fresh fruits on Wednesday. Well, of course we have meal vouchers too!
  • Multisport card and a bunch of sporty colleagues who will join you in your activity.
  • We love education and improvement - that is why we have an education budget to be used to broaden our knowledge.
  • English lessons ... and international colleagues who will be happy to help you with your English skills improvement.
  • International offices. Do you like to travel? Are Dubai or Sao Paulo on your bucket list? Lucky you, we have offices there and we will support your endeavor to visit them. :)
  • Summer and Winter offices - A team-building week by the sea during summer and skiing in the mountains during winter.
  • The team that helps you whatever happens! You’ll get a chance to work with a bunch of people who know what they're doing and are great at it.
  • ROI Hunter - It’s a heart thing. Look forward to Mondays so you don’t cry for Fridays (occasionally).
Love your work and can’t get enough of it? Well, you might as well get paid for it.

We want to hear from you and what’s important implement the ideas and feedback you give us.
Breakfast is covered with baguettes, croissants and cereal on the menu. Lunch is covered too with meal vouchers.
...and a bunch of sporty colleagues who sign up for the MultiSport card even if they never go. Maybe you’ll be the one to get them to come.
English/Czech courses and colleagues who will be thrilled to practice with you. Or if your language skills are good enough? Then use your budget for whatever else.


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