Facebook feeds nowadays demand video to get users' attention. But for e-commerce advertisers, making videos is hard. Hundreds of thousands products, fast turnaround, limited creative power. We have dedicated ourselves to solving that challenge. We are building an app which lets marketers design a video template to be used with the images from their website. Then they can create a video ad with any product they need to. On demand, within seconds, they are running unlimited versions of their ads.

We use modern web-friendly tech to build everything, including our motion design templates. Animations are fully powered by JavaScript and HTML5. Coding them is easy thanks to our flexible proprietary format, which lets us focus fully on the design. User interface is built in React. Our backend, which connects everything seamlessly to Facebook and Google APIs, is written in Kotlin. We are also solving great challenges on our render farms, where we aim to balance the load efficiently.

Open positions

We are not looking for new teammate at this time.