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CRM is the source of the most precise client data, presenting marketers with golden opportunities for audience creation and real-time performance monitoring. While advertisers have been able to manually export CRM data to Facebook, ROI Hunter automated the process, saving money and time.

By transferring external user data to Facebook Ceska Sporitelna brought home $63.5 million from a single lead generation campaign with €5.26 cost per lead.

Create and update your Facebook audiences automatically from CRM…

Facebook allows you to create Custom Audiences (CA) from your CRM. 

Facebook Custom Audiences, however, require you to export data from CRM to Facebook manually, missing out on opportunities between data exports.  

Having to repeat the transfer an unlimited number of times, updating audiences throughout the duration of the campaign is also an unwanted cherry on top of the already time-consuming exercise.

ROI Hunter solves this problem by updating your audiences automatically – it does not require repetitive transfers (or any human touch) – if new clients were added to your CRM, they will be added to your Facebook ad sets, too.
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…Or use CRM data for optimising your Facebook campaigns in real time 

ROI Hunter is built as an open platform and allows marketers to easily plug and use data from other external tools, including Google Analytics and Mobile Measurement Partners like Adjust, Appsflyer or Apsalar.

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Many marketers however, still prefer using CRM as the main data source for campaign optimisation. The truth is that CRM contains the most precise data about your customers and hence shows the most realistic picture about performance of your campaigns. When it comes to real-time optimisation, however, CRM data is very impractical to use.

No direct sync between most CRMs and Facebook means that marketers have to first export data from CRM, match conversions manually with running campaigns and only then decide, which campaigns to kill or boost based on their performance. It is not unusual for this process to take days, dramatically affecting e-commerce profits.

ROI Hunter saves your time by allowing you to send any CRM data for tracking and optimising to the platform via our open API. 

You would need to forward data to the platform in an approved format (e.g. Date stamp | utm_ID | value of conversion_name1 | value of conversion_name2 | etc) but once the transfer is set up, you will have a full picture of metrics coming from Facebook and your CRM (& other measurement tools) in one place.

Can I do this for my offline business?

Campaign performance optimisation gets a bit more challenging if you run a brick and mortar shop, as you cannot track customers using UTMs as online businesses do. Was that pair of shoes bought by Rachael Brown 5 minutes ago in your shop at High Street a result of your Facebook ad, your TV ad or did Rachael stumble upon your shop by pure chance?

Thanks to Facebook Offline Conversion API and audience matching pixel, you will find out where she came from in no time. You can now attribute transactions to ads using a list of offline user parameters, including:

  • Email Addresses
  • Phone Numbers
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth using YYYY format
  • Date of Birth using MM format
  • Date of Birth using DD format
  • First and Last Names
  • Initials
  • City
  • US States
  • Zip Codes
  • Apple Advertising Identifier
  • Android Advertising ID

This will allow you to point out users who converted after viewing or clicking your Facebook campaign. 

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