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Try The New Collection Ad Format!

Try The New Collection Ad Format!   Here’s all you need to know, about the new ad format in 7 questions and answers.   What is it? Collection is a mobile-only News Feed ad format specifically built for advertisers with a product feed to help them drive mobile shopping in a more visual and immersive […]

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After Xmas Sales Shoppers – Catch Them All Automatically

AFTER XMAS SALES SHOPPERS – CATCH THEM ALL AUTOMATICALLY   Reach discount-savvy shoppers faster than your competitors It might sometimes seem that when your competitors appear to be asleep, you can take a well-deserved break too. You have just finished your holiday campaigns with a bang and there is not a cloud on the Christmas horizon. We […]

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Advertising Automation: 5 Quick Fixes For Long-Term Results

5 Advertising Fixes that will make your marketing life easier* *I’ve got 5 marketing problems but Advertising Automation ain’t one. Every paid marketing professional has a unique set of issues that can be solved on a case-by-case basis. With plenty of excellent features going around, it is not always clear where to start and what to […]

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The perfect Template Editor for DPA with conditional rules is here!

The Perfect Template Editor for DPA with conditional rules is here!   From now on, you don’t need a Photoshop licence or a designer to create the most eye-catching images for dynamic ads. The days when you were nagging a graphic designer to sketch product banners with the right branding and the required sizes for different feeds are over. ROI […]

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Advanced Image Editor for A-class creatives and slideshow ads

Reveal a-class creatives and slideshows with our Advanced Image Editor. Like funky ad creatives? Like ads that move? So do your audiences! Slideshows have 25% better CTR compared to static ads, and they take only a fraction of the time required to make expensive and resource-heavy video ads. Bring life in motion to Facebook newsfeeds and get more […]

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New Feature Update: Automatic Matching of Targeting and Creatives

Automatic Matching Of Targeting And Creatives. New campaigns are exciting: you come up with a myriad of ideas for ad placements, copy and creatives. You have a brainstorming session and hire a designer, things seem to be going great; but until you actually run the ads, you are not going to know for sure which […]

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Deploy your Facebook Pixel via Google Tag Manager: A step-by-step guide

Deploy Your Facebook Pixel via Google Tag Manager (Or Else). Pixel implementation is a nightmare for many users and marketers alike. As boring as it may seem to creative-edge-cutting digital professionals, pixel implementation is an important exercise one should sooner rather than later partake in – installing the pixel correctly once ensures accurate reporting for all […]

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5 Steps to Automated Prospecting: Dynamic Ads Straight From Google Sheets

 5 Steps to Automated Prospecting: Dynamic Ads straight From Google Sheets. With rapidly changing auction prices and too many products to promote every season we know that if only marketers did not have to spend their time going into every ad set to change things up, this planet could be a tad happier place. So we […]

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How to create a product feed in Magento, Shopify, PrestaShop, OpenCart and WooCommerce

What the hell is a product feed and How to create one for your e-shop Products – check, an e-shop – check, a killer Instagram presence – check, it is time to dynamically advertise your products on Facebook and get your sales up today. If you want to run Dynamic Ads and ultimately win the paid […]

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How to implement a Facebook Pixel on your e-commerce platform

E-Commerce Conversation:  A Guide for implementing Facebook Pixels on e-commerce platforms.      What is a Facebook Pixel? A pixel is a small piece of JavaScript code that you copy and paste into your webpage. It is especially valuable for e-commerce businesses for increasing conversions and showing different types of ads to relevant user groups. Facebook […]

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