Allegro – Tailored Solutions Lead to 7.4X Increase in ROI

Tom Havlik / PPC Specialist / 8 minute read

TL;DR In order to effectively optimize your marketing strategy you need to have a complete picture of your data. However, relying on multiple systems for implementing and analyzing your campaigns can lead to blind spots and worse, lower ROI. After all, if you do not have a complete and up-to-date picture of your efforts then you cannot analyze effectively and optimize for future advertising campaigns.

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#DMEXCO2017: How to Stay Personalised and Relevant at Scale?

Ivan Hruska / Head of Marketing / 4-minute read
TL;DR At ROIHunter, we take the time and travel to the industry’s most important events each year. Not only to pursue new business contacts and foster relationships with our partners but to also get inspired by thoughts from transformational leaders, hackers, and revolutionists. Here’s a summary of five (plus one) main thoughts, as noted by me.

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Google Analytics Can Misattribute up to 21% of Facebook Clicks

Erik Werner / Client Partner / 8 minute read
TL;DR There are discrepancies between Google and Facebook attribution analytics. We decided to run a test on over 17,000 transactions from a CEE fashion e-commerce to provide a clearer picture of cross device measurement. We found out that Google Analytics does not see 21% of Facebook clicks in their conversion path because these clicks were attributed to mobile device paths that did not end with conversions.

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Author: Hana Jurakova / Content Manager / 3 minute read
TL;DR: With new options, come new challenges. Facebook launched two ad formats for conversions – Collections and Canvas. Since then, we’ve been asked many times by our clients, which one is better to use, which one drives more sales and which is less time-consuming to create. So much so, that we decided to run a test to bring you our results.

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Dynamic Creative Optimization is a game changer – achieve 3X better results

Author: Tolu Oke / Content Manager / 4 minute read
TL;DR: Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) automates manual A/B testing so that you can deliver ideal creatives to the target audience that is most likely to act on your ad. Here, we will cover how the DCO process works, how it improves ROI, what the best practices are, how to use it and how it has been successfully applied by one of our clients.

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Visualize Performance Goals at a Glance

Visualize Performance Goals at a Glance Now you can easily visualize which campaigns work based on the performance goals that you set. No more endless filtering if the campaign works today but was not working yesterday or if it is too young or if it is prospecting, remarketing etc. Sure, you can add filter upon […]

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Ramadan Insights CPC Marketers_1

Hunter’s Top 5 Tips for a Successful Ramadan Campaign

Hunter’s Top 5 Tips for a Successful Ramadan Campaign During Ramadan, everything slows down as devotees use this time to reflect and spend time with loved ones. Here at ROI Hunter, we are reflecting on the tips that marketers can use to optimize their campaigns throughout the season. Here are our top 5 tips for […]

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blog-instagram-stories-1024x536 (002)

Instagram Stories: Direct Response for Performance

Instagram Stories: Direct Response for Performance Instagram is introducing Direct Response for brands exclusively via Facebook Marketing Partners. Thanks to ROI Hunter’s platform, you will be able to test it before everyone else! Currently, Instagram Stories offers marketers the ability to measure reach, exits, replies, people insights and video views. While these metrics are important, […]

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Pasted image at 2017_03_15 05_10 PM

Try The Collection Ad Format!

Try The Collection Ad Format!   Here’s all you need to know, about the new ad format in 7 questions and answers.   What is it? Collection is a mobile-only News Feed ad format specifically built for advertisers with a product feed to help them drive mobile shopping in a more visual and immersive way. […]

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After Xmas Sales Shoppers – Catch Them All Automatically

AFTER XMAS SALES SHOPPERS – CATCH THEM ALL AUTOMATICALLY   Reach discount-savvy shoppers faster than your competitors It might sometimes seem that when your competitors appear to be asleep, you can take a well-deserved break too. You have just finished your holiday campaigns with a bang and there is not a cloud on the Christmas horizon. We […]

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