Your Facebook ads are running over the weekend but you’re not at work to check their performance and keep them within given KPIs? Don’t worry and automate with automatic rules and strategies! Keep reading to reveal 10 automatic rules which will help you to scale your campaigns, decrease ad spend and boost the best performing ads. 

Ads Manager allows you to use limited rules, in ROI Hunter is possible to auto-control all metrics – even from Google Analytics, GA goals and mobile measurement partners such as Adjust or AppsFlyer. With this approach, we managed to bring 2x better ROI for UAE Fashion Shop. 


We gathered the most frequent rules our clients use into this table below. Depending on your goals and KPIs, you can decrease bids automatically for bad ads or pause them to save leaking spends, keep CPA within limits, increase budgets to support ads reaching given GA goals and much more…




Strategy goal Level Conditions* Inspected timeframe Perform action Action
Daily budget limit Campaign Spend > Daily maximum Today 24x day Pause
Raise bid on specific time Ad set Campaign Name By schedule (E.g. 1pm and 8pm) 1x day Raise bid by 20% from 8pm to 10pm week days
Performance Ad Clicks > 500, Transaction = 0 Today 24x day Pause
Performance Ad Transaction >= 1, Transaction =< 3, ROI < 2 Today 24x day Pause
Performance Ad Transaction >= 4, ROI < 3 Today 24x day Pause
 Boost good ad sets Ad Set Spend > xxx, ROI > your target  Today  4x day Raise daily budget by 20% 
Save budget Ad Set Spend > xxx, ROI < your target 


 2x day Decrease daily budget by 10%
Boost GA Goal  Ad Set  GA Goal ROI >= your target, RH Budget = 150, FB Spend >= 250  Last 3 days 1x day   Increase daily budget
 CPA within limit  Ad CPA > your target  Today+Yesterday  1x day   Pause
 Boost good CPA  Ad Set CPA < your target, Clicks >50  Today+Yesterday  3x day  Raise bid by xxx


* Numbers in conditions are only examples – replace them with your own targets and KPIs.


You can create several strategies with as many rules as you wish and even combine Facebook and Google Analytics metrics within one rule. Stay on the top of things and let ROI Hunter send you an email notification once the rule performs its action. We recommend you to create separate strategies for prospecting and remarketing campaigns KPIs and set up rules for Facebook actions to the attribution window which matters the most to you (e.g. instead of V1C28 to C1 to be as closest to Google data as possible). 



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